Thor:Ragnarok: an Aerial Masterpiece with XM2 and Teradek Bolt 3K

Thor:Ragnarok: an Aerial Masterpiece with XM2 and Teradek Bolt 3K

The Setup

For the shoot, Stephen and his crew employed their own specially-designed UAV, the XM2 Romeo, along with the Alexa Mini and Primo V lens. Connected to the camera was the Teradek Bolt 3000 video transmitter, a zero-delay wireless system that sends live video to a receiver up to 3000 ft. away.


On the ground, the production team set up a Bolt receiver connected to a Teradek Antenna Array, which offers stronger and more robust signal detection through RF interference. This picked up a real-time video feed from the drone, which pushed the feed to the Bolt receiver and then to an Atomos Shogun monitor, which they used to see and maneuver the drone. RT Motion was used for remote follow focus.

Bolt of Lightning

While drones can accomplish a lot in cinematography these days, there’s one asset that’s critical for every drone workflow: zero-delay video. Time is a premium when filming on location, and giving the DP a real-time view of the shot is critical to acquisition especially on tricky aerial shots.


For this, XM2 relied on Teradek’s Bolt 3000. The Bolt 3000 delivers real-time video to receivers up to 3000 ft. away, which gave Stephen and his crew more than enough range to always have a clear view. It also allowed them to make adjustments in real-time, making their workflow much more efficient than shooting blind or with extra frames of latency.


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