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Live:Air Action Is Now Available! Check Out How We Connected 3 Cameras And Streamed With Just An iPad


Our latest edition of multi-camera switcher software Live:Air Action is now available for download on the App Store! With its release this week, we wanted to give you a quick rundown of how the app works, along with how it was used at a small, local event to switch between multiple cameras and stream to 3 different video platforms simultaneously.

What is Live:Air Action?

First, let’s look at the main features of Live:Air Action. Available for iPads, Live:Air Action connects up to 6 cameras feeds together for mixing, which you can either use iOS devices (iPhones, iPads & iPod Touches) as camera sources or video cameras linked with Teradek encoders as camera sources. When you connect all the devices to the same WiFi network that Live:Air Action is on, the app picks up the camera sources and populates them on the camera select screen, which you can choose for live editing and switching.


Once the feeds are in, you can choose from a set of built-in graphics, overlays, transitions and much more to mix into the broadcast. You can even load in your own pre-made graphics and gifs ahead of time and have them ready in the app for broadcast. When you’re ready to go live, simply choose from a list of built-in live streaming platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook etc.), Core, or custom RTMP and you’re all set!

How We Used It

We recently had the opportunity to put a host of our newest products to the test at Spaghettini’s jazz lounge in Seal Beach, California. For a mini concert held by musician Rebecca Jade, our mission was to deploy multiple cameras around the venue and use Live:Air Action for live switching and broadcasting to multiple destinations using only a single cellular connection. Here’s what we used:

2x Canon Vixia HF-G20 with Vidiu Pro, LANC Controller, Manfrotto HD501 Heads/Tripods

1x Canon XA-10 with Vidiu Pro on a Redrock One Man Crew

1x Teradek Link

1x Teradek Node with T-mobile service

1x iPad Pro with Live:Air Action

Teradek Core, splitting to 4 destinations


We set up 3 cameras in different spots all pointed to the stage. 2 Canon HF-G20s on Manfrotto tripods were placed on both sides in front of the stage to capture close-up shots, while a Canon XA-10 was placed on a Redrock One Man Crew further back to capture the cover shot.

Each camera was connected to its own VidiU Pro encoder, which were all connected to the same WIFi network provided by a Link. This allowed our Live:Air Action app to automatically detect the 3 camera feeds and populate them in the app’s control surface.

Article reference: https://teradek.com/blogs/articles/live-air-action-our-latest-multi-camera-production-software 


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