NiSi full frame PL mount F3 prime lenses

NiSi has announced full frame PL mount F3 Prime Lenses. The full frame PL lens set will originally come in five focal lengths- 25mm T2.1, 35mm T2.0, 50mm T2.0, 75mm T2.0, and a 100mm CF T2.0. In mid-2018, NiSi will also add an 18mm prime to the F3 series.


The new NiSi F3 prime lenses covers 46.5mm format sensors. This allows filmmakers to create more possibilities. The F3 lenses offer advanced resolution and perfect dispersion control. Image contrast and flare are also optimised by their retro design elements. ‘Sensed presence’ technology allows filming with a soft and beautiful bokeh. The entire F3 series of lenses have the same physical attributes , allowing simple and time efficient fitting of lens accessories.

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