Insta360 Pro V2.0 Brings Super-Res Mode, Improved Image Quality, Far-Reaching Upgrades

12K All Day: Insta360 Pro V2.0 Brings Super-Res Mode, Improved Image Quality, Far-Reaching Upgrades

December 21, 2017 – Insta360 today released the Insta360 Pro V2.0, a package of major firmware and software upgrades for its industry-leading, pro-level 360° camera, the Insta360 Pro.

Adding 12K super high-resolution photos, important improvements to image quality and Wi-Fi functionality, and a range of new features, the update cements the Insta360 Pro’s status as the premier tool for VR creators.

“The Insta360 Pro was already my favorite 360° camera, but this ground-up upgrade makes it feel like a new machine altogether,” said Philip Bloom, renowned documentarian and cinematographer. “Image quality has been improved on every level, and the ability to leverage the Pro’s own processor to accelerate image stitching in post is time-saving and convenient.”

The Insta360 Pro V2.0’s new MobiStitch feature lets creators connect the Pro to a computer of their choice and outsource image-stitching work to the Pro’s onboard processor, eliminating processing-power bottlenecks and accelerating the entire 360°video work flow.

“These updates take the Insta360 Pro to an all-new level of power, versatility and ease of use – that’s why we’re calling it version 2.0,” said JK Liu, Insta360 founder and CEO. “Our priority is to bring Insta360 Pro users, present and future, the best user experience possible. So we’ve made all of these upgrades available for free.”

 Following are more details on each of the major upgrades introduced with Insta360 Pro V2.0 :

 Comprehensive Image Quality Upgrade

White balance, dynamic range, saturation and contrast have all been calibrated from the ground up for maximum visual fidelity. Even in a photo or video’s darker regions, details will remain intact.


12K Super Resolution

The Insta360 Pro can now take a burst of high-res 8K photos in rapid succession, before intelligently merging them into one super high-res 12K photo.

Optical Flow Interpolation and Manual Framerate Adjustment

Previously, users weren’t able to manually adjust a video’s frame rate in the Insta360 Stitcher software after the time of capture. In other words, a video shot in 30 fps could only be exported in 30 fps.

Now, users can choose a desired framerate for export, without using any third-party software.

Even better, using an all-new optical flow interpolation algorithm, users can double the original frame rate of any video they capture.

For example, a video originally captured at 120 fps can be exported at 240 fps, a video captured at 30 fps can be exported at 60 fps, and so on.


All-New Exposure Curves

PhotoShop users are familiar with the Curves feature, a powerful tool that allows for fine-grained adjustment of color and tone across an image.

Insta360 Pro V2.0 introduces Exposure Curves, a feature that uses a similar concept but applies it to a different stage of production – shooting. Before shooting, users will be able to manually adjust an exposure curve to get the perfect tone, color and contrast for any scene.

 Introducing MobiStitch for Quick, Convenient Stitching

The Insta360 Stitcher software can now be used to connect directly to the Insta360 Pro. Once onnected, image stitching is processed on the Pro’s chip, instead of on the user’s computer. Using the Pro’s dedicated hardware makes for faster stitching times and means that even when there’s no highly-specced computer on hand – for example, while shooting on location – creators still have the power they need to stitch video at optimal quality.

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