How to focus manually with a Sony Camera

How to focus manually – A tutorial series by Martin Krolop

When your aim is to take photographs with wide apertures and extremely accurate focusing, high-precision manual lenses can make your work easier. Photographer and educator Martin Krolop walks you through the steps to achieve great images with a manual focus lens.


Martin Krolop is part of the successful photography duo „Krolop & Gerst“. In his latest tutorial he shares tips and tricks on how to focus manually with autofocus camera systems.

Why focus manually at all?

Achieving the best image quality with today’s high-resolution camera sensors can be a challenge. Oftentimes, the results dependent on how the camera interacts with the lens. This is why high-grade lenses play such a vital role in fulfilling photographers’ increasingly sophisticated demands. One key element to superb image quailty is accurate focusing.

Using manual focus lenses on a modern camera body can be tricky at times. Helpful features such as a split screen indicator known from older DSLR models are not included anymore in modern AF cameras. If you would still like to take advantage of the outstanding performance of manual focus lenses, find your camera system below and lens the best tricks to achieve impressive images.

Focusing manually with a Sony Camera:


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