5 Reasons to Stream with VidiU Go

5 Reasons to Stream with VidiU Go For Your Next Event


VidiU Go is our newest live streaming encoder built for businesses, freelancers and enthusiasts seeking the cutting edge of broadcast technology. You might be thinking, ‘another streaming device? There are already so many!’ And you’d be right – live streaming products are abundant and the market is saturated with devices that send live video to online CDNs. What makes the VidiU Go different?

  1. Stream Reliably, Wherever You Need To Be
  2. Do More in the Cloud
  3. Reach More Audiences
  4. Works On Your Camera or Your Switcher
  5. Ready to Go Live Instantly

Article reference: https://teradek.com/blogs/articles/5-reasons-to-stream-with-vidiu-go-for-your-next-event


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